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avatar me

By far the best tax experience I’ve ever had. Rus is very knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. He made quick work of my pile of 1099s and W2s. I left the appointment with a smile and a refund!

Rachel Bee Porter  Artist,
avatar me

I’m a professor that lives one state and works in another. I own a co-op and I have my own schedule C as a practicing artist/photo retoucher – and I do a little bit of investing. Just thinking about my taxes makes me want to cry. Rus is great. He gets it done, and it’s painless. He knows his way around when it comes to artists with slightly funky incomes.

Rose  Professor,
avatar me

I was referred to Rus after having trouble with Turbo Tax and all of the complications and complexities that come from being a contractor. His online system enabled me to better organize my expenses in preparation for our meeting, which was held over the telephone since I am not in New York. Rus clarified and corrected errors I had made and gave me some ideas for future financial planning. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Caitlin  Customer,