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April 15 is Tax Day.

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Their prices are super reasonable too, we'll definitely be back next year and I'm recommending them to all my freelance friends.

Ana m.

These folks are the best!

john c.

Just thinking about my taxes makes me want to cry. Rus is great. He gets it done, and it’s painless.


By far the best tax experience I’ve ever had. I left the appointment with a smile and a refund!

Rachel Bee Porter Artist

People think their
'work clothes' are
an expense...

Thinking of
using Turbo Tax?

Brass Taxes is Here for You

For a lot of us working today, we were pursuing our dreams and ended up becoming businesses, but we don’t want to spend our lives dealing with the gray areas of finances. That's not the dream.

So...Brass Taxes. We empathize that you may not be a baller with stacks of cash, so if what you are asking for isn't complicated we'll tell you that you don't need to pay us, you can handle it yourself.

If it will work out better and easier to have us handle it for you, we’ll tell you. We’ll always lay out the options and give our honest opinion. Promise.

Whether it’s financial planning, back taxes, setting up an LLC, or just organizing so you’re not freaking out all the time, Brass Taxes can help.